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Orphan files

Question asked by unknown-user on Feb 25, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2006 by derek
Hi community,

My question seems a bit confusing, but after several days I spent on it without any success I have to ask: is it reliable and efficient implementation of File Content Storage used in Alfresco?
Some details of my problem.
A new Space was created without applying versioning aspect. I added content to the space (text, images, pdf,?). After that some of the files were modified (updated) via Web, CIFS and/or FTP interfaces (no checkin/checkout operations). What I found out after these updates ? new files are created in storage, Node references are updated correctly, but all predecessors are still presented in the storage. My storage increases in size and more and more orphan files appear there.
As I found FileContentWriter doesn?t allow writing to an existing file and new one will be created on file update. Ok, that?s related to concurrent access issue. ContentStoreCleanupJob might be used to clean up periodically the storage but it is still not in operation (commented in configuration file) as it may remove all files from the storage (it analyzes just last modification date), right? May be it is my misunderstanding or there are some undocumented configuration tricks to prevent such behavior?
Last days I looked through the Slide?s storage implementation. It?s based on Apache Commons Transaction library. I carried out some tests to prove its stability in multi user environment. It looks quite good, at least I may concurrently modify/read the same files, although an intermediate storage is used.

Has everybody met the same problem before or may be I have to configure my server in a specific way?
My environment:
WinXP, Alfresco 1.2RC2, Oracle 10g.

Thanks in advance,