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How to use another Lucene's Analyser (eg : French Analyser)

Question asked by sam69 on Feb 27, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2006 by akinori
Hello !

I am evaluating Alfresco, and I found that the search engine has poor results when searching for french documents.
For exemple, searching for a document which contain the word "l'accent" with the keyword "accent" (without the article) does'nt fetch any results. Of course, when I try with "l'accent" I got my document.

So I investigate a little, and I found that it was possible to change the lucene analyser, and there was different possible analyser inluding a french analyser.

So is it possible to change the default alfresco analyser ? Just a parameter or I need to change the code ?

Thanks in advance for your response !