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error creating bean with name 'org.alfresco.config.source.Ur

Question asked by unknown-user on Feb 28, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2006 by derek
i'm begginer, and i had already a jboss installed ( on debian sarge ). i need to use alfresco with this jboss. also i puted the war and the sql connector in deployment and lib.
when i restart my jboss, alfresco is not launched, and i have this error in the logs :

2006-02-28 14:34:25,057 DEBUG [] Ignoring constructor [public org.alfresco.config.source.UrlConfigSource(java.lang.String)] of bean 'org.alfresco.config.source.UrlConfigSource#270664': Error creating bean with name 'org.alfresco.config.source.UrlConfigSource#270664' defined in class path resource [alfresco/content-services-context.xml]: Unsatisfied dependency expressed through constructor argument with index 0 of type [java.lang.String]: Could not convert constructor argument value [[classpath:alfresco/mimetype/mimetype-map.xml, classpath:alfresco/mimetype/mimetype-map-openoffice.xml]] to required type [java.lang.String]: Failed to convert property value of type [java.util.ArrayList] to required type [java.lang.String]

can somebody tells me where the problem comes from ?