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Questions about Template Spaces

Question asked by fisico on Mar 2, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2006 by fisico

I have several questions about Template Spaces.

I know currently that we can create manually a template space by creating a new space in > Data Dictionnary > Space Templates.

My first question is : Once created, where is stored the information about the brand new space template. For example, if I create a space templace named "Test Space Template", where I can find the structure of this space template. Is there a xml file stored on the server ? Is it stored in the database ?

The goal of my first question is to understand how the space template is stored. Because we want to import a space template with for example 1000 subfolders. I can't do that manually. Is it not possible to create a xml file and to put it in a specific path and the system detects this new xml file… Do you understand what I want to do ?