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Understanding categories

Question asked by hsjawanda on Mar 3, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by strophi
Hi all,

I am back with some more questions :-)…

I have been looking at Alfresco's categories, and beyond the basic concept, I am confused about the implementation.

Are category nodes related to non-category (normal) nodes by parent-child relationships?  Or do the category nodes store the NodeRef-s of non-category nodes that fall under that category? Or is it the other way round: non-category nodes store the NodeRef-s of category nodes that apply to them?

How do I programatically associate/assign a category to a plain node? For a while I was thinking that I could do it by adding aspect cm:generalclassifiable to the (plain) node, and adding a List of NodeRef-s to the cm:categories property, but now I am not sure…

Once I have programatically assigned a category to a node, how do I go about finding all the (normal) nodes that fall under a category? Do I use a query like the following one (from

This query returns all the (normal) nodes classified under "cm:Software Document Classification" or the sub-categories under it?