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Thumbnail Viewing -- Is this possible

Question asked by thaneshk on Mar 6, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2006 by derek
Suppose we are using imagemagick to convert an image to a thumbnail, is this possible.

Could the image be converted and stored directly into the repository and file system, and in otherwords how do we manipulate the system so that we dont have to create thumbnail, then store it in repository and then delete the temporary file that was in the local file system and not the alfresco file system.

See my point?? If not let me be abit clear.

When you want to create a thumbnail u use imconvert in the fiollowing way – imcovert image.jpeg -option image_thumbnail,jpeg

so now we have two files image.jpeg and image_thumbnail.jpeg.

My question is whether this image_thumbnail.jpeg can be directly stored into the alfresco file system and repository without the need of having to create a copy, upload it to alfresco system and then delete the temprary file created

See my point???