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Problems when integrating Alfresco within my Web application

Question asked by nrk on Mar 7, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2006 by nrk
I have 3 queries…tried reading lots of forum posts but unable to get any idea on solving them :(

1) I have included the Alfresco environment within my web application and everything starts fine when Alfresco connects to a db already init'd by the Alfresco Web app.
Now, after I cleanup the db and delete the lucene indexes and restart my web app it hangs after the open office connection error.
The Java (jboss) process shoots to 100% and remains there till I kill it.

I'm running my web app on JBoss 4.0.2 and my DB is Mysql 5. OS is Windows XP Prof.

It looks like I need to modify some config files as I feel that Alfresco checks for something in the DB or Lucene index and locks up. Can you please help me out with this issue.

2) I'm planning to use the JCR XPath search rather than Lucene currently. Is there some way that I can disable Lucene completely?

3) Alfresco seems to create some entries in the file system which seem to be some kind of unique IDs. Is there any way to store this in the DB via config file changes?

4) This is a request wrt the Lucene version. Though the Lucene version says 1.4.3 for the Alfresco 1.2 release the actual version seems to be 1.5.x I'm using 1.4.3 for my own app and the jar file contents are different. I've now switched to the Alfresco version.
I'm now planning to switch to the 1.9 release and use the DB Directory code in the compass framework to store the index in the DB.
Will Alfresco move to Lucene 1.9 anytime soon? and if possible provide for an option to store the index in the DB :)

Eliminating the file system makes it easier to move my application to a clustered environment :)