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Page cannot be displayed

Question asked by dbdata on Mar 9, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2006 by derek
I get the Page cannot be displayed window when i try to start alfresco.

OS Fedora 4.o
Xampp 1.5.1


Environment variable set

Mysql installed and database created

However when i try to access database though mysql -u <> -p I get Error 2002 Cannot connect to local MySql server through socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.socket'(2).  But when i check throuh Phpmyadmin everything is fine and tables are built. 

I did notice that it was using ISAM I mention this because you had told someone not to use ISAM.  It is done outamatically by XAMPP 1.5.1

Need help please SIte can be browsed to