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Execute a special search

Question asked by fisico on Mar 10, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2006 by andy
I have a new question.

Imagine that I have the following structures for my folder:

- Folder A > Folder B > Folder C

Folder A is the parent of Folder B and Folder B is the parent of Folder C.

Replace for example, Folder A is Car Racing, Folder B is Monotype Racing and Folder C is F1 Racing.

If I have a file name spa.txt in the Monotype Racing, it must said that all monotype cars can go on Spa track.

To know if F1 can go on spa, I want to make a search. On this search, I specify that I search spa like file in the folder F1 Racing. But this search will return no result.

My ask is to know if it's possible to process a search in a particular folder, and that this search will be extend to the super-folders.

An idea ?