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How to use authentication webservice in ATL (VC++.Net) ?

Question asked by kannank on Mar 14, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2006 by rwetherall

I am able to add authenication web service in VC++ class library and I am able to use that VC++ dll in other application to verify the authentication in alfresco - All these working very fine.

But, when I tried to add alfresco authentication web service in ATL server project in VC++.Net, it throws the following two errors,

First error - "failure in processing wsdl file d:/testserver/WebReference/authentication-service.wsdl"  and

Second error - "Not enough storage is avalaible to complete this operation"

I have used VS.Net 2003 for this appllication.

Please give some clue regarding this error in ATL server projects.

We need some quick solution for this,

Looking for your message,