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How stable really is Alfresco?

Question asked by comozoi on Mar 23, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2006 by kevinr
I am currently testing Alfresco for deployment in public administration organizations. I was very impressed by the presentations of the product had high hopes, but the more I am testing, it the more my dissapointment and uncertainty grow.
Don't get me wrong, I am impressed with the functional and usability features, the possibilities of extending and customizing it as well as the future development plans for this software project.
My concern is related to the stability of the system which worried me after a line of errors and unexpected crashes.

I tested Alfresco in version 1.2.0 on a Windows XP system with the jboss package and also on Linux (Fedora C 2) with the Tomcat package.
Here is a list of errors I received:
1. On a bulk folder transfer,  Webdav Transfer Error, causing also a severe server crash.
Clean re-install needed.
2. Webdav file transfer speed is vey slow (compared to a similar beta functionality for a Groupware (PHP) with no "ECM pretentions")
3. Transfer Error when doing a Bulk transfer through webdav, for some files.
4. Manually running actions on a file crashes the system after adding several aspects to the files.
Clean re-install needed.
5. Cuting a file from a space and pasting it in a subspace sometimes does not function and crashes the server.
Clean re-install needed.

The problem is, that all errors caused a severe server crash.

I wonder if Alfresco is really fit for enterprise use….
I am still hoping.