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Metadata Creation

Question asked by thaneshk on Mar 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2006 by rdanner

We have created our own custom model for Alfresco and were wondering whether the Alfresco Engineers or anyone else for that matter can give us input on the implications if any on the scenario i am going to describe below or even whether it is feasible.

Suppose we create a jsp, which is able to write to the customModel.xml, customModel-context.xml. This is if say an administrator would want to add an extra property to the current model. What are the implications of this in the future? I know that in a production environment this would be hard to maintain since the server would need to be stopped andstarted again so that the datadictonary can be booted. Any other implciation? Anyone thinks we can pull it off?

Also was wondering what are the implications of storing all property values in one node -say for example we have a property node called "Everything" of data type String, and we store values in it separated by a delimeter such as ",". This might solve the problem posed in the previous paragraph. What are the implications of this in the long run? Maybe i should ask a db but hey let me put it across?

Just thoughts , opinions and feedback appreciated