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Alfresco 1.2 + JBoss on multiple servers sharing contnet ?

Question asked by hamptont on Mar 29, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2006 by steve
I'm trying to get Alfresco 1.2/Jboss bundle running on multiple servers and sharing the same content.

I've configured the root.dir to point to the same location for both servers and the root.indexes to point to different a location for each server per Derek's comments in

Starting with an empty DB & empty root.dir & root.indexes directories the first server to run (the one that initially creates the DB and content directory) runs fine.  The second server is unable to login and produces the following error.  If I reverse the order that I start the servers I still get the problem with whichever server is started second.

2006-03-28 19:29:31,480 WARN  [] Unable to login as Guest: Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.

This configuration worked with Alfresco 1.1 but doesn't work with 1.2.  What am I doing wrong ?  Is there additional configuration needed to get Alfresco clustered on JBoss ?

I must be able to run Alfresco on more than one server against the same content !!