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100% Open Source Alfresco including Enterprise Features

Question asked by johnn on Mar 29, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2012 by johnnq
Open source as a business model is still evolutionary and it is true for Alfresco too. Having had an opportunity to distribute and sell services to enterprise customers, we have come to the conclusion it is not necessary to withhold functionality to have enterprises invest in services and support. Therefore, we are considering making Alfresco, including Enterprise features, 100% open source in the 1.3 Release of Alfresco in May. There will still be an Enterprise service package that includes support, maintenance, additional documentation, indemnification and warranty.

We would like your help as we consider this initiative in positioning and in branding. If you could take a moment to take our poll, we would appreciate your input. Also, if you have any comments we would love to hear them.

-John Newton, CTO