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Overview of our customisations

Question asked by frederick on Mar 29, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2006 by frederick

I'm currently implementing various modifications in Alfresco as a part of a CMS comparation project (the goal is to determine which features Alfresco lacks compared to other CMS, and how difficult the implementation of these features would be).

Additionally, we tried to deploy Alfresco on several different setups: Jboss/Tomcat/Weblogic combined with MySQL/PostgreSQL.
Note: all of the above combinations have worked for us.

My colleagues, sjeek and Xerox, have already posted some information regarding our customisations, but I decided to gather all our efforts so far in a single post.

- Tree navigator

Using the Apache Tomahawk tree2  component, we added a panel to the shelf showing a tree structure of Company_Home. Clicking on a branch is the equivalent of clicking on the Space the branch represents. Clicking on a leaf is the same as clicking on the content the leaf represents.

- Inline reader

A third panel was added to the main part of browse.jsp. When the user clicks on content which is marked as inline-editable, this panel will try to show the content using a h:outputText component. Images can also be viewed inline: they are wrapped in <img> tags.

- Change the number of items per page

A button was added allowing users to easily change this setting.

- Progressive panels

Note: as pointed out in the Wiki (, using progressive=true with MyFaces causes errors unless each component in the panel is given a hardcoded id. We wanted a collapsible Space browse-panel, so we had to id all the components in that panel.

- Replace the FileContent implementation with a DctmContent impl.

The binary contents are stored in a Documentum repository instead of a folder on the file system (/contentstore). The reason for this was twofold: determine how content can be shared among two repositories, and determine how extensible Alfresco's storage mechanism is.

- Thumbnails for image content

With the ImageMagick feature, thumbnails can be generated automatically. Using the rules system, and modifying the jsp's,  thumbnails are added to the details of each image in the content view panel.

Some other things we are looking into are the versioning system and subscribe feature.

Here's an image of some of these changes:

If any of these points are of interest, I would gladly share our code (though I am unsure of how to do this, pasting the code in posts would be messy given the number of modifications).
Also, I am a student doing this project as an internship. I am relatively new to concepts such as code sharing, CMS, etc. Any comments, remarks or tips about our modifications are very welcome.

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