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JBoss Web Server & Alfresco

Question asked by enomaly on Mar 30, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2006 by enomaly
Has anyone seen the new JBoss Web Server? It looks ideally suited for use with alfresco.

Here's their description.

JBoss Web Server is a new open source project that will provide enterprises with a single, high-performance deployment platform for Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet technologies, Microsoft ASP.NET, PHP and CGI. JBoss Web is built on Apache Tomcat and includes Apache Portable Runtime (APR) and Tomcat native technologies to achieve scalability and performance characteristics that match and exceed the Apache HTTP Server. JBoss Web Server features include:

    * Ability to handle more than 10,000 concurrent connections
    * Support for HTTP, HTTPS and AJP (Apache JServ Protocol) protocols
    * OpenSSL for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support
    * On-the-fly URL rewriting with a flexible URL manipulation engine that supports an unlimited number of rules and rule conditions
    * Support for both in- and out-of-process execution of CGI and PHP scripts, as well as ASP.NET applications
    * An advanced application load balancer that offers both high availability and application segmentation for remote subsystems being executed out-of-process

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