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Specifying User Space Access

Question asked by paulkeane on Mar 30, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2006 by andy

I understand that in the permissionDefinitions.xml document you specify whether a user is able to read/write/add etc..

What I'm asking is can you specify the space that the user is viewing or writing to? Let me explain.

I'm using the Enterprise Version of Alfresco 1.2, and I want for a user to view his own user space (which is created by default) and another space that will be more like a public domain where all of the users can view all published documents. Can I specify this in the permissionDefinitions document?

For example in the permissionDefinitions document, the following code grants the Contributor role with permission to add content:

<includePermissionGroup permissionroup="AddChildren" type="sys:base"/>

Ultimately can I change the "sys" value in this line to point to a different space? Such as below:

<includePermissionGroup permissionroup="AddChildren" type="sys:Published_Documents"/>

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,