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Overriding the LoginBean

Question asked by simon on Apr 4, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2006 by simon
Hi again,

I wrote some small JSF application that checks some extra required login parameters at our company and now I would like to join this code with my Alfresco system. Problem is… I don't see how. I tested my bean as a standalone JSF with JSP app and it works.

Please noe: I don't need to replace the LoginBean, just want to add an extra check (e.g. abort login if HTTP header X, Y or Z is not present).

I would like to use my own namespace and be as flexible as possible to keep it maintainable when we uprgrade Alfresco (using Enterprise 1.2 at the moment): overriding, Spring configuration,…

Should I add my bean and override some Spring XML file to point to my bean or should I overwrite the LoginBean and extend my bean?

What is the syntax of the configuration file (I suppose I should use the custom-services-context.xml file, correct?) and what's the safest place to keep my bean (shared Tomcat path?).