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a confusing trail of breadcrumbs

Question asked by gautham.hegde on Apr 5, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2008 by mabayona
I was playing around with the system and noticed something strange about the breadcrumbs behaviour

lets assume I have two folders(spaces) under company home
and I visit both of them in series so that they are displayed in the recent spaces list.  After visiting them, i go into the training folder.  and the bread crumbs display
companyhome >training
as expected, but now if I click on test space in the 'recent spaces' box, I am taken to the test space, but the breadcrumbs display
company home>training>test
instead of
company home>test
as expected.  Granted I visited the test space from the training space, but I would assume that the bread crumbs always display the 'direct' path back to the 'root'.  I have noticed this in many other systems and I believe this is a wrong implementation, but I could be wrong :)