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Alfresco ignores LDAP referrals

Question asked by simon on Apr 6, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2006 by andy

We use Alfresco Enterprise 1.2 and are still trying to fix the LDAP authentification.

We have internal and external users (employees and clients) that should access the Alfresco system. Both user groups are maintained in a different LDAP (Active Directory and OpenLDAP).

Alfresco only supports ONE LDAP at the moment so we tried to find a workaround for this problem. Best solution seems to use LDAP referrals.

Alfresco is configured to use host 1 (OpenLDAP in our case), host 1 has a referal to some OU in host 2 (our Active Directory):

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When we use Linux to authenticate cn=B1 against host 1, the request is redirected to the second host and resolved there. Alfresco doesn't seem to do this, it never forwards the request to host 2.

Could someone help me out here? Is this supported in Alfresco and if so, how should we configure it. If not… are there any plans in the near future?

PS: Java seems to support this: Referral.