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Lucene search returns out of sync data within transaction

Question asked by timster on Apr 6, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2006 by andy
We're getting into the nuts and bolts of Alfresco for some work we're doing, and i'm running into a data sync issue with one of the unit tests I've written.

We are using Spring's transactional setup, which Alfresco is picking up very nicely, and you all may be aware that Spring has transaction-enabled junit classes that let you run a single junit test within a transaction. 

So, what I am seeing is in a simple test where at the start of the test method (but within the transaction), I populate the repository with several objects which are written to their respective nodes. 

Then I run certain methods to ensure that the objects are inserted correctly, the parent-child relations are correct, and to return a count of all existing objects of that type.  We are using a lucene search for the last operation (returning a count of all objects of that type).

With inserts and updates, everything is fine.. but once I run a delete operation using NodeService.delete(nodeRef) on some of those objects and run the checks, lucene returns the wrong count.  It returns the original count of objects, instead of the revised count. 

Example, if I insert 4 Topics, and do .getTopicCount(), i get 4.  So far so, good, then I do NodeService.delete(t1.getNodeRef()), and then run .getTopicCount() again, I still get 4, instead of 3. 

Seems to me that within a transaction, the Lucene index is not being updated correctly for deletions.   I'm hoping that someone at Alfresco can tell me whether this is expected, or not - and how to get around it. 

I hope we do not have to split them up across transactions, because we are likely to be combining multiple operations within a single tx using a command type pattern.  Thanks!