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Couple questions about Ruby interface to WS

Question asked by flafeer on Apr 7, 2006
I've been diving deeper into the provided Ruby interface code. That code has been very valuable (as validation and side-by-side tests) as I continue to develop a Python interface to Alfresco. Thanks to Roy and anyone else who has contributed to that.

I do have a couple of questions in things that I've discovered lately. In trying to execute a query using repository services, it seems that the Ruby library has two Query classes defined in the same namespace? One is the query request in the soap message and the other is the actual query (type and string). Was this by design? Being a Ruby newbie, I cannot figure out how to instantiate one of each type of "Query" without renaming one or introducing a new module.

And the other question is about ResultSetRow (types.rb). The Node in a ResultSetRow seems to be mapped to nil, which causes queries to blow up for me. Node in this context is just the UID, so I mapped this to Soap::String instead. Any implications there? If this is a bug, I can submit the patch.