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reset jsp page variables

Question asked by soeursourire on Apr 9, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2006 by soeursourire

I have some troubles to reset my jsp page:

Here is my program structure:

- a class EPP that contains the variable String name="";
EPP.init() consists in setting name="Tartampion"

- a class WIZARD that contains the variable EPP epp and that set my jsp page
WIZARD.startWizard(ActionEvent event) consists in epp= new EPP();
WIZARD.reset() consists in epp= new EPP(); epp.init();

- a jsp page that call the name like this:

However I have the following results:
I launch my page I have Tartampion appearing in the page
I replace Tartampion by Soso and click reset button
but then I get the same page with Soso inside although I wanted Tartampion
while doing reset I call init of EPP that should reset name to Tartampion.. Do I miss to do something?