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Changing password

Question asked by juanc82 on Apr 12, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2006 by juanc82
Hi everyone

I've been using the library and it functions well but I tried to change the password from a user and it gave me the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'An unidentified exception has occured.' in C:\Archivos de programa\xampp\htdocs\integracio\develop\lib\integracio\alfresco\alfresco\BaseService.php:59 Stack trace: #0 C:\Archivos de programa\xampp\htdocs\integracio\develop\lib\integracio\alfresco\alfresco\AdministrationService.php(128): BaseService->checkForError(Object(SOAP_Fault)) #1 C:\Archivos de programa\xampp\htdocs\integracio\develop\lib\integracio\alfresco\alfresco_webservice.php(136): AdministrationService->changePassword('test', 'test', 'testing') #2 C:\Archivos de programa\xampp\htdocs\integracio\develop\lib\integracio\alfresco\testing.php(71): alfresco_webservice->change_password('test', 'test', 'testing') #3 {main} thrown in C:\Archivos de programa\xampp\htdocs\integracio\develop\lib\integracio\alfresco\alfresco\BaseService.php on line 59

I know that the changePassword feature is not "directly"available in AdministrationService.php but it is in AdministrationWebService.php. I've simply made a new function in the former to call the one in the latter but it does not fuction.
 function changePassword($username, $oldPassword, $newPassword)
      $result = $this->web_service->changePassword($userName, $oldPassword, $newPassword);

eventhough I've done the same with deleteUsers and this one functions.
My environment is winxp-home, xampp v1.4.16, php v5.0.5 and alfresco 1.2

Any hints?

Thanks in advance for your help