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Question asked by thaneshk on Apr 12, 2006

Suppose I have the following versions of text.txt

Version 1.0 - Content in text.txt = "Testing123"
Version 2.0  - "Testing346"
Version 3.0 - "Testing434"

When i do a revert and now Version 3.0 will hold the content of Version 2.0 right? So it will have "Testing346" and the properties of Version2.0 but the versionlabel wont change right. What happens to the content of Version 3.0, it just gets deleted?

Is there a way we can maybe save that content?

And if we do save it in the version store, and i checkout and checkin content to create version 4.0? what will be contents of version 3.0? if the contents of version 3.0 is replaced by that 2.0, can i still retrieve the content of the original 3.0 version from version_Store?

I know tis alot of questions but someone please help out.