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Storing multi-tiered virtual objects/documents

Question asked by durianwool on Apr 12, 2006

I am looking for a CMS that can support the model of content being virtual objects that look like this, and wonder if the Alfresco framework can support this?: This is the simple hierarchy from the bottom up …

Object that links to the actual file. Eg xxx.avi, xyz.mp3 Note the actual file may be deleted, in which case one of the fields of this asset says that the file is no longer stored in the CMS, but is existing at some other storage/server.

A conceptual object that links to one or more Physical_Asset. Eg. The song 'Holiday - Madonna' may manifest as 'holiday.avi', 'holiday_193kbps.mp3', 'holiday_64kbps.mp3', 'holiday.mdi'.

The object asset may link to other Object_Assets to make a bundle. Eg. Object_Asset of type Bundle 'Christmas Special Offer' consists of 'Holiday - Madonna', 'Like A Virgin - Madonna' and 'In Bed with Madonna the video'.

The CMS is used to store documents/content/asset for a client where multiple content providers would:

1. Upload candidate content to the CMS.
2. The CMS owner will review and approve the content.
3. The approved content is 'published' by notifiying a service enabler of the availability of the content. The service enabler (like a ringtone service) can then retrieve the physical file.
4. Note that the CMS need to store the physical file. It needs to however store the metadata and the current location of the file.

The CMS is thus to act like a central library that catalogs all the assets of the company. It doesn't really need to store the actual asset but it can tell where the asset is, although it must store the actual asset at the pre-approved phase so that both the content provider and reviewer can use the CMS to track the asset through its life-cycle.

Is this possible in the current version of Alfresco?, and is Alfresco the right candidate for such a job?