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how to Integrate alfresco web service with my java client

Question asked by khurrum on Apr 12, 2006

I have couple of following problems if any body have solution of these problems Please help me by sending me the solutions:-

   I want to integerate alfresco (DMS) webservice in my application
and for this purpose i am accessing the webservices directly from my java client
in doing so i get an error resolving the web service refeerence in my IDE
the error is
——————————————————- D:\coronado\src\backend\sampletryappluicationtocallalfresco\src\META-INF\wsdl\headers.xsd (The system cannot find the file specified)


   Another problem that i am facing is that for integrating alfresco in my appliication i need to bypass all the security settings and configurations present in the original project of alfresco, for doing this i have already tried removing the custom headers of "AuthentificationManager" (a authentication config file in alfresco that controlls authentification), in doing so i resulted in deployment error in JBOSS the error reffered as
"bean not found (authentification manager)"

   The third problem that i am facing is that once i create a war file from the project src through ant, i am unable to deploy it as it gives many exceptions reagrding "apache.myfaces", so if any body has compiled the src and deployed the generated war file, then please come back to me with the steps