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Exactly what is Alfresco???

Question asked by bruce on Apr 14, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2010 by mrogers

We're looking for an app that can be used to manage code/applications being developed by distributed teams. We're not really looking to create one off, templated web sites, so we're not looking for a typo3/mambo/drupal kind of app. Rather, we're looking for something that's similar to Clearcase/Perforce/SourceSafe, were we can perform various software functions…

We'll need to:
Perform Check-In/Out
Assign User Access Rights/Roles
Maintain History
Create Projects
Version Control
Track who performed what actions for a given file/project
Enforce Security for Users and Files
Manage Software Applications (Source Code, Build Functions, Etc…)
Manage Web Site Applications
Control Source Files (Source, DB Schema, Media Files, Etc..)
Search Through File Functionality
External API functionality
Automatically Build/Deploy Application to specific environment
Workflow functionality
Event Driven notification to user(s) for given file action

In looking through the site docs/google, I'm not sure exactly where Alfresco fits…

So, does Alfresco provide this kind of functionality????