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Problem with deleteUsers()

Question asked by darkhope on Apr 14, 2006
Sorry if I made a mistake about the forum where I post my problem, and sorry for my poor english :). :oops:

I have a problem when I remove an user, and I  am developing in Java for a project for a training in company.

When I delete it from my application (I am logged in as 'admin'), the user is removed of the users list in the Manage System Users of the admin.
My problem is that I can disconnect, and reconnect with the login and password of the removed user.
And if I disconnect again to log-in as ?admin?, I will see the "removed" user in the Manage System Users screen.
Moreover, it is impossible to register a new user with the same username that the one I have removed.

That?s my source code:
    private void removeUsers(String users){
      //Supprime les utilisateurs dont le username est pass? en param?tre ("user1 user2 user3")
       //Probl?me: supprime l'utilisateur de la liste des utilisateurs dans Alfresco, mais
       //il est toujours possible de se connecter avec l'utilisateur supprim?.
           String[] userNames = {users};
           MessageDialog.openInformation(window.getShell(),"Suppression d'utilisateur","L'utilisateur "+users+" a bien ?t? supprim?.");
        }catch(Exception ex){
           System.out.println("Exception : "+ex);

Thanks for helping me :).