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Extentions and the Build Harness

Question asked by rdanner on Apr 16, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2006 by rdanner
It seems like the build harness if fairly intuitive for adding extentions. with about two minutes of digging I found where to add my stuff to get it build my exntion.

What is less intuitive to me is how to get the webclient build to include my extention components.  I looked around for a bit in the build, searched the forums and dug in the wiki for a bit.  I know I can MAKE it work but I thought I'd ask for the best practices. 

Just as I need a way to make extentions to the afresco source so I can upgrade without fear (or upgrade with less fear) and re-work; I need the same capability from the build harness itself and from the harness of individual components. 

That is unless you are headed in the direction of making extentions deployable units themselves.  That is not the direction i see looking at the current state of affairs.  I assume not.  The reason to look for something like that is, I may not want to, or may not be able to recompile, repackage my extention every time i build alfresco.  I am not keen on forcing reqression tests even with the support of JUNIT an other tools.  Every time I do a checkout and build I have to wonder is something slipped through the process and polluted my branch/tag/whatever.  In this way I think of compiled packages as wines.  Guard against bit rot with your nightly/continuous builds.