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Adding children (folder) to store root ...

Question asked by kannank on Apr 18, 2006

I am working in .NET 2003 / 2005 application - I have referred your dotNET2 sample and that is very useful to us.

Now I would like to create new folder in alfresco from our .NET 2005 application - Please give me some clue for that.

I have tried the following code,

Alfresco.RepositoryWebService.Reference reference = new Alfresco.RepositoryWebService.Reference(); = this.repoService.createStore(Alfresco.RepositoryWebService.StoreEnum.workspace, "Folder1");

It looks like the store is created and I am not able to view the store in web page - I guess that I am doing something wrong in the above code.

Please give some clue to create new folder when user select some existing folder and click on the create button.

Looking for your message,