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Embedding Alfresco starts up with System user in thread?

Question asked by timster on Apr 19, 2006
We are using Alfresco as an embedded component in our application (starting up the alfresco context, and we wrap w/ our own stuff.)

One thing I've noticed, but haven't quite figured out why is that it seems like the System user doesn't get cleared out when the repo starts up.

Two examples.

1) When starting up the context and then running a unit test against the repository, the unit test will come up with the System user in the context.

2) When we start up Tomcat with our webapp (which has alfresco embedded), we see that System is active as the "logged in" user.  If we access that same webapp with a different browser, then no user is found for that particular session (and all subsequent sessions).

So this leads me to believe that when Alfresco context starts up, the system user is used to run certain processes and all that for the startup process.  But that the first thread accessing alfresco after the startup also inherits the System user. 

Hoping someone can give some insight on this…