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Mapping of Alfresco's relations in JCR.

Question asked by anweber on Apr 20, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2006 by davidc

   I have defined a custom type with a relation :

      <type name="custom:ep_logical_doc">
         <title>EP's logical document</title>
            <property name="custom:UID"> <!– uniq ID –>
            <property name="custom:legisPeriod"> <!– legislative period –>
               <type>d:text</type> <!– A5, A6, …. –>
            <child-association name="custom:concreteDocs">

   I try to set the association through the usage of the JCR API.
   I thought first that the relation was mapped as a multivalued JCR property.  It seems that it is not the case.  Then, how is it possible to set relations between nodes with JCR & Alfresco?

         Many thanks for your help,