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Recover from error

Question asked by omegerard on Apr 24, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2007 by derek

In a space called "Backend" I collected a number of documents (from which PDFs were automatically created in a sister space).  That was done last month.

Last Saturday I added a few other documents to the same collection, again with the rule in the background for creating PDF versions in a sister space.

Something must have gone wrong with the automatic PDF generation. What is worse, the "backend" space cannot be accessed any longer. That is, when I go there with the standard web interface, I get the error message:
A system error happened during the operation: Multiple primary associations: child: workspace://SpacesStore/8d458058-d236-11da-9b82-4dd383a768b7 first primary assoc: ChildAssoc[ parent=workspace://SpacesStore/c2a27e84-cf85-11da-909e-e9c04a70233d, child=workspace://SpacesStore/8d458058-d236-11da-9b82-4dd383a768b7, name={}move, isPrimary=true] second primary assoc: ChildAssoc[ parent=workspace://SpacesStore/e7bdf8be-b975-11da-b1a6-29800f959992, child=workspace://SpacesStore/8d458058-d236-11da-9b82-4dd383a768b7, name={}move, isPrimary=true]

How can I repair/bypass the error so that I can access the documents again? I tried with both the CIFS and the webdav interface, but that did not work out (as expected).