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Association / Child-association

Question asked by felipe on Apr 28, 2006
Can anybody tell me if I'm right in the following lines:
I've got a simple sample model using associations and child associations

<type name="tm:Provider">
            <property name="tm:code">
            <child-association name="tm:special_user">
            <association name="tm:users">

The model works fine, but I've many questions on JCR use:
//Java source code
Node provider = _root.addNode("tm:provider1","tm:Provider");
Node user = provider.addNode("tm:special","usr:user");

This code works too, but :

1) Am I mandatory to use only child-associations in order to run this code  (when I use an association for the "tm:special_user" it doesn't work and an exception is thrown) ???

2) If "tm:users" was a child-assoc too, how to reference this association exactly and the "tm:special_user" when adding a new user???

And another question:
3) How can I populate repository data with XML files (without jcr access or the web client)