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Smart Space / Workflow question

Question asked by nullman on May 5, 2006

I am new to Alfresco and I am trying to wrap my head around how best to setup a smart space (template) with workflow for something like the following scenario:

A single document (Excel spreadsheet) is created by Sales once a project is given the green light. This document is passed to Operations. Once Operations completes their part it is passed on to IT. IT completes their part and it is passed on to Purchasing. Purchasing does their part and the document is passed back to IT. IT finishes off their part of the document and it is passed on to Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance does their part and it is passed back to Operations. Operations finishes the document where the last step is to hand it over to Support.

I am gathering I will need to create many spaces (folders) for each step along the way?

In the above scenario this document is given to IT and Operations twice and their approval, depending on where in the workflow the document is, is handed of to two different departments. I assume I cannot do this in a single space; the document would actually have to be placed into different spaces to kick off different rules? (I only saw a Move or Copy option based on Approval.)

Is there anyway to apply rules like this while keeping the document in a single space? Something like the Approval option is ?Submit to IT? and their approve option would be ?Submit to Purchasing?, etc.

Also, what would be the easiest way to tell what state, in the workflow, this project is in?