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JavaScript API for Alfresco 1.3

Question asked by kevinr on May 9, 2006
A quick heads-up on one of the new features that will be available in Alfresco 1.3…

A scripting API using the JavaScript (EMCAScript) language will be integrated into Alfresco. It will be possible to create Rules and run Actions that execute a script. The scripts provide a similar API to those familiar with the Template API already available in Alfresco - but the really powerful feature is that script writers can create, modify and delete files and folders from within the script!

Developers can access the JavaScript features directly using the new ScriptService bean and client developers can execute scripts directly using URLs via the new command servlet.

These are the wiki docs to give you an idea of the API and what's possible:

We will be adding more features and functions to the API as time permits. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the forums/wiki.