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How to pass author name when upload image file?

Question asked by kannank on May 11, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2006 by robmeyer

I am uploading an image from local folder to alfresco server using repository and content webservices (in .NET 2003 windows application) and that one is working fine.

I wanted to pass file name, description and author name when uploading the image file - I used the NamedValue class as follows,

NamedValue[] properties = new NamedValue[] { new NamedValue(), new NamedValue(), new NamedValue() };

properties[0].name = "{}name";
properties[0].value  = "Test.pdf";

properties[1].name = "{}description";
properties[1].value = "Test Description";

properties[2].name = "{}author";
properties[2].value = "Test Author";    

This code working fine and transferring the file name and description when uploading image from .NET application to alfresco and author name given here is not transferred to the image property - Is there any problem in the above code in author?

Please give me some clue to transfer author name along with file name and description - We wanted some immediate help on this.

Looking forward for your message,