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WebDAV working but with issues

Question asked by simon on May 12, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2007 by itayh

We got WebDAV up and running on one of our Alfresco servers with normal authentication (internal database). We use Alfresco 1.2.1 on RHEL 4. I can access the WebDAV client form WinXP Pro, no problem there. Mount a drive (http://our_server/alfresco/webdav), login and done.

Issue 1: When the WebDAV view opens I have to login a second time. When I navigate to a document and try to open that one I have to login a third time. When I close this document and reopen it… again a new authentication window pops up. How can we avoid this? SSO is not an option here.

Issue 2: I can't open the Alfresco-Tutorial.pdf through WebDAV. Brand new and shiny Alfresco installation, connected over WebDAV with the admin user. I can see the tutorial but nothing happens when I try to open it (copy it to my desktop and opening it from there does work). I can open it when I use a browser (with the webdav link and through the web client). I tried to upload another PDF in different folders but I can never open it.

Issue 3: Created a dummy user with no read access on the Data Dictionary space, logged in in the web client, fine can't see this space. When I do the same with WebDAV I can see and open this space where I don't have access to.

Any thoughts?