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OpenOffice: conversion to PDF but not for all filetypes

Question asked by simon on May 12, 2006
Latest reply on May 24, 2006 by billk
Hi there,

We installed OpenOffice on our Alfresco server. We now use an older version of OpenOffice due to the conversion bug in the latest release: "OpenOffice 2.0.2 has a bug that means it cannot be used for document transformation. OpenOffice 2.0.1 should be used until 2.0.3 is available." - from the WIKI

OpenOffice runs and when I apply a rule on an MS Word document everything works like expected. Problem is that Alfresco fails to convert PPT or even plain TXT files to PDF. Is this some configuration setting that should be changed?

Using Alfresco 1.2.1 on RHEL 4.