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Your Feedback on Needs / Use Cases for Alfresco WCM

Question asked by kvc Employee on May 12, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2006 by dking
As you know, Alfresco is working on adding robust, easy-to-use WCM services to the Alfresco platform.  And, as ever, we are keen to make certain we are (a) building the OOTB capabilities you as a development community require and (b) are providing all the necessary hooks you need to extend or customize our solution to fit your needs.

If you have not already taken a look at our wiki, we outline the different components we are focused on, with particular attention to detail around our updated versioning model and the production model (dev –> preview –> staging) associated with it.  For those who have not seen the wiki, you can find it here:

To open this forum, we would like to open with an open question:  what are YOUR key priorities for WCM?  What services are essential for deploying in your organizations, and specifically what types of websites would you look to be using for?  We would appreciate any feedback on needs, use cases, and examples … we want to ensure that we are building you the right product.  Let's get the discussion rolling, and if you have any specific feedback on what's already on the wiki, fire away!