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Search against properties

Question asked by tavolate on May 16, 2006
Latest reply on May 17, 2006 by gavinc
Hi to all,
   I have created a C# application that uploads documents using the alfresco's webservices.
Creating the node, I add some additional properties, for example (document description..): 

   properties[0].name = Constants.PROP_NAME;
   properties[0].value = name;
   properties[1].name = "{}tipoDocumento";
   properties[1].value = "fattura";
   I just want to know if the search function of the web application does a search also in those custom properties. It seems to me that the search now uses only the contents and the default properties.

   If it is possible to search including the custom properties, how do I implement it?

Thanks, aGO!