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V1.3dev language settings question and general issues

Question asked by unknown-user on May 16, 2006
Latest reply on May 17, 2006 by unknown-user

I tried v1.3 alfresco because webdav upload in 1.2.1 caused a crah *everytime*.

I havent tried uploading with this new version yet, but i would like to achieve some configuration that i could not manage to achieve even with 1.2.1 version :

1) setting default language. I would like to set default language to french. When i select french language when logging in, everything is fine… but the "English" selectbox entry is still checked, because i cant see where to set "French" *default* login language (even the login page is rendered in english). I put "French" entry in first position in web-client-config.xml, but it does not work. Any ideas? :)

2) 1.2.1 version was running fine, but 1.3 is extremely slow (>10sec each page with 1 concurent user -me- on a opteron + 1G ram)

Thank you !

edit: additional info : i installed linux auto install v1.3dev with no other configuration on debian gnu/linux. BTW, webdav upload is running fine this time, well done :-)

edit : i am afraid i was wrong about webdav… which i am sad to say it is still an issue : tomcat is crashing when uploading files using webdav transport :( so this 1.3 version, for me, is worse than 1.2.1 because i meet the same issues added with a slow rendering :/