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Creating Eclipse Environment

Question asked by ghernando on May 17, 2006
Using SVN, I've gotten a copy of the Alfresco code.
I'm able to successfully build it using ant from the command line.

Now I am trying to set up Eclipse, but I have a few problems.
I have set Eclipse to default to Java 5 compliance.
I seem to be able to successfulling import projects.

I don't see 'JCR' as a listed project to import. Has something changed with the source code structure that it isn't listed under the projects directory.  Or have I somehow missed getting it via svn?  Or am I just looking in the wrong place for it?

I imported projects:
   3rd Party
   Remote API
   Web Service Client

But when I try to import:
   Lang Packs

I was also able to import NetBios.

Should the setup instructions in the wiki change?  Or is something wrong with what I've done?