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PersonService implementation confusion

Question asked by ethanadams on May 17, 2006
Latest reply on May 18, 2006 by andy
I'm looking to write my own PersonService implementation to get Person information from a custom registration system.

Based on the comments in the (below), I thought this could be done without storing person properties in Alfresco.

This service encapsulates the management of people and groups.

People and groups may be managed entirely in the repository or entirely in some other implementation such as LDAP or via NTLM. Some properties may in the repository and some in another store. Individual properties may or may not be mutable.

However, Alfresco code asks the NodeService for Person properties, not the PersonService.

Example from
String from = (String)this.nodeService.getProperty(user.getPerson(), ContentModel.PROP_EMAIL);

Can anyone clarify this for me?