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Integration with collaboration tools

Question asked by domma on May 18, 2006
Hi there,

This is a very general question, I wonder if other people are facing the same considerations.
We want to put in place a complete ECM solution for our small group of top-managers users around a centric Content Management plateform.
But we also need to have more advanced Collaboration functionalities like for instance web-conferencing, interactive dashboards … We already found some candidate products like Elluminate, Smile Tiger, Webex.
The question is:
- did any of you already try to integrate with such type of product?
- by integration I mean not only to be able to start a web-conferencing session from within the same protal as the one Alfresco is deployed to (in our case it would be JBoss Portal), but also to have the possibility to persist the content (documents, video and audio files) within the Alfreco repository?

I know that you plan in your roadmap to include more collaboration functionalities, but I don't see that in a near future…am I wrong?

Thanks for reading this post,