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Save file to disk (CIFS) and launch web client automatically

Question asked by michbeck on May 18, 2006
Latest reply on May 23, 2006 by michbeck
Hi folks,

I'm completely new in working with Alfresco, maybe you can help me with an simply advice.
My problem is:
Using the CIFS-functionality I created a volume called Alfresco CIFS Server in Windows XP.
Everything is working fine, whenever I create a folder in this volume, a new home space appears in the web client.
Now I want to use this function to provide the following workflow:
- A user called XY wants to save a file to the Alfresco-volume in the Windows Explorer.
- In every single Windows application he should be able to save this file via 'file - save as -  Alfresco CIFS Server'.
- After he gave the file a correct name and put it in the right folder, the web client should appear automatically with the ''details page' of this saved file.

Do you think this is possible?
Could a new created content rule be the solution?

The reason for that is that I want to give the users the comfort of saving a file to disk (in a way they done it all the time before) but force them to type in all the necessary metadata etc.

Thanks in advance,