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Connecting to alfresco web-app from another web-app

Question asked by tulum on May 18, 2006
Latest reply on May 26, 2006 by tulum
i'm trying to connect to alfresco from my web-app, which is in another tomcat-apache node.
it is possible to do this in an easy to implement and well documented manner?

i think is an important integration issue, but i didn't found any exaustive solution around the web, forums, documentations and so on…
someone of alfresco staff said this is an improvement of 1.3 version. is it true? is this already in the beta version? and, if so, ther is a bit of documentation about? where?

may be i'm not so able to find-out this solution…. anyway…. if someone could help me it would be very nice

thank you in advance