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New Chinese (zh_CN) package for v1.3.0dev

Question asked by the.zencoder on May 27, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2006 by hfrank

I've put a new Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) language pack on our web site for your download:

It is based on the Subversion revision 2975 (v1.3.0dev). It is not completely done yet, but most of the UI messages are there. Might have errors though.

A request to the developers:

Due to differences in language structures among natural languages, it would be nice if the developers could have the message strings in the bundle files as complete as possible, and not just half-complete phrases. Latin-derived languages and anglo-saxon-based languages may be close enough structure-wise, but asian languages are quite different. Therefore, half-complete phrases are hard to get right, and the structure may be outright wrong after translation. For example

modify_props_of=Modify Properties of

If translated to French, you get something like

modify_props_of=Modifier les proprietes de

Sorry, no accent, but that's quite close. Even that, it's not 100% correct either, depends on what comes next. But that phrase is impossible to translate to Chinese properly due to differences in language structures.

Now, if you put the proper argument and have something like this:

modify_props_of=Modify Properties of {0} 

Then we could get the Chinese version correctly:

modify_props_of=修改 {0} 的属性

Even if you don't read Chinese, you could still easily see that the structure is totally different.

Just a suggestion.