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Need help regarding path and reading content

Question asked by santosh on May 30, 2006
Latest reply on May 31, 2006 by rwetherall

I have a couple of queries
What is the significance of Reference.getPath() method?
I am storing my documents in folder structure like
Is there any way I can get the absolute path of a document from its node?

2. The {}content property of a node has the value
store://2006/5/29/16/07c8017c-eeff-11da-abb5-fb6cb121848f.bin|mimetype=application/octet-stream|size=23|encoding=UTF-8 method returns the URL

Is there any way so that I can use the first url to read the content of the node as it would reduce a server call?

3. I didn't find seperate classes representing directory and documents?
This is found in other document servers like Documentum and JLibrary.
Alfresco doesn't have such classes or I am missing out something?

Thanks in advance

Santosh Prabhu